Thursday, 29 January 2015

How to Work Like a Professional Residential Interior Designer

Residential Interior Designer
Decorating and redecorating a home is actually simpler than some people believe it to be. You just need to use logic and your research skills to know whats trending over the internet and what would suit best in your home. Most people believe that they need to hire a professional to do the interior designing as it will make their home better than everyone else.

This competitive streak is good and quite common. But as a homeowner you should not forget the fact that a residential interior designer would also use research skills and logic to decorate a home. So wouldnt it be better to add in the basic elements yourself and seek advice of the interior designer later on? If you agree then do have a look at the following elements that are a vital element for making every home beautiful.

Furniture: The furniture you select for your home should be appropriately sized. You would not like to bump into a chair or sofa every time you roam around right? You should also make sure that the furniture is sturdy so that you wont have to replace it now and then. Another thing that you must remember is that the furniture should be comfortable. Every residential interior designer would suggest you to have furniture that compels guests to be comfortable and feel welcomed.

Paint: In life colours are everything. So when you are designing or redesigning your home, you should make sure that the colours of every room speak for themselves. You can add in funky colours to kids rooms, soothing colours to your drawing room and rich colours to your bedroom. There is no rule that says that the colours of every room should be similar. Rather every interior designer for apartment would tell you that diversity plays a vital role in making a home look welcoming and real.

Flooring: The flooring of your home plays a vital role in enhancing the decor of your home. Wouldnt you love it when the home you created has marble flooring or wooden flooring which adds shine to your decor? Wont it be easy to clean the home within a few minutes if the flooding is appropriate? Almost every residential interior designer would suggest you too add in a lush carpet to the floor to make the home more welcoming. With the presence of a carpet, your kids would also be able to roam around with naked feet and you would not feel worried about them.

So it can be seen that you can do most of the interior designing by yourself if you put in a little effort in it. After all its your home and it should reflect who you are.


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