Tuesday, 26 May 2015

5 Tips For Finding a Good Interior Decorator in Gurgaon

After buying a house or commercial property in the bustling city of Gurgaon, the next inevitable search begins for an interior decorator, as he/she is the one responsible for making your place livable and lively. Finding a competent interior decorator in Gurgaon can be a taxing exercise as there are a lot of such professionals in the fast growing city of dreams.

Interior Decorator in Gurgaon
As you start searching for a good interior decorator in Gurgaon, who can create the ambience and environment of your property as per your choice, just keep in mind the following practical points :

Know Your Style
First of all you should decide on the look, feel and style you want to achieve for your property, and then search for the interior designer accordingly. You will find designers who specialize in creating modern looks, or traditional looks, with some even having their own signature style. Shortlist the designers after seeing their portfolio and works they have done.

Some designers are known to design with tight budgets by working on value for money concept, while some are famous for creating lavish styles with spending a lot of money. Finalize the designer who best suits your spending power.

Search Online
All good professionals have their own websites, especially in the IT city of Gurgaon. Search websites, articles as well as business directories to make a list of interior designers in the city, and then shortlist a few as per your criteria and choice.

Know Customer Reviews
Customer reviews are an important source of judging the credibility and creativity of any professional. Read customer reviews on various online platforms, as well as try to contact those customers who feature in the portfolio of the designers, to get an unbiased and first hand view about their services.

Visit the spaces designed by the designer
Take out some time to visit the properties designed by the designers you have shortlisted. Actually seeing the places designed by him/her gives you an idea about the work, creativity and other aspects of the designer, which can be very helpful in finalizing him/her for the job.

By working on the above tips you can surely find a good interior decorator in Gurgaon to create an ambience of your choice as well as within your budget.

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Space Saving Ideas by Best Architects in Delhi

With the skyrocketing cost of land and space becoming extremely costly in metro cities, the best architects in Delhi are using innovative methods and techniques for saving space as well as giving a new look to your home.

Best Architects in Delhi
You can take advantage of some space saving ideas being implemented  by the Best architects in Delhi, for optimum utilization of your home space. The following tips can be really useful :

Built-in furniture, whether beds, benches or dining room tables, is fast emerging as one of the space saver in almost all homes. This type of furniture is particularly good for creating effective storage by adding useful elements in tight spaces, besides looking beautiful and giving the graceful touch to your home or office.
Almirahs, bookshelves and other storage components can be aesthetically designed and placed under staircases, solving the dual purpose of utilizing the otherwise wasteful space, as well as giving a decent look. A little tricky to build drawers in the steps of stairs can also be designed  to use this space in the steps, which is generally filled with bricks and hence wasted.

Window Seating
The space just beside the window is seldom used, but can be well utilized by making a window recess seat. Besides enjoying the warmth of the sun in winters, a covered storage space can be created under this banquette-style seating.

Corners and Narrow Spaces
Corners can be utilized by placing a showcase, while some narrow spaces can be put to great use with a row of floor-to-ceiling shelves on one side, with enough space left to move about or practice yoga. Some corner space near a window can be used to put a small study table or a work station.
Instead of making brick and mortar walls for partitions in a big room, or between a living area and kitchen or staircase, you can easily design wooden partitions with storage space in between. The one foot deep shelves can be used as a book shelf, display area, or as a cupboard.

With these few but useful space saving ideas followed  by some of the Best Architects in Delhi, you can easily design a beautiful home with lots of storage space even in the small sized apartments.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

5 Principles the Best Residential Architects in Delhi Follow

Every architect has a unique design personality and thought process. They enliven each space differently by adding distinctive creative elements apiece. However, there are a few common ideologies that can be observed in all creative architectural concepts.

Below is a list of five such ideologies or principles that successful residential architects in Delhi follow for crafting your home to artistic excellence.


There’s a common idea behind all spectacular creations by residential architects in Delhi – they bring simplicity to their design concepts. Simple shapes look stunning unornamented and fewer materials in various tones help achieve diversity sans complexity. Further, exposed connections between materials inspire expressive statements.

Repeat, reiterate, restate

Repeat – to bring the idea home. Repetition in architecture is for the confluence of all thematic elements and for unification of the design. Repeating proportions and materials provide the referencing background in the layout, which is used for highlighting the significant constituents.

Take risk

Doing something out of ordinary is a challenge – and if it works well, the resultant is a memorable piece of art. Looking at a problem with a different vision can reveal interesting solutions – an unusually high door, a dazzlingly-lit narrow passage or an elevated seating area in the backyard are just some examples.

Work on the minutiae

The finer details essentially bring out the perfection in a design. Hone the smaller niceties, the bigger things will fall into place themselves. The structure is unified when each component is refined with smaller designs, multiple attributions, and intense outlines.

Tell a story

We remember places and homes by our memories linked to the stories we shared with them. This is why a beautiful home tells a good story – of the people residing in it, of a thought flow, of an idea it houses. This story is what every visitor takes away with him from the home. Your narrative is depicted in the patterns and shapes, colors and combinations, and the outline & fabrication.

So these were the five principles followed by creative residential architects in Delhi for shaping their innovative ideas into structural home designs. If you too are fond of a novel, exclusive, and exceptional home, make sure your architect follows these ideologies!

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Understanding the Need for Commercial Interior Design

Interior designing is an important part of every space both residential and commercial. The commercial places too require decorating and renovating at regular intervals and thus enter
commercial interior design. As the name suggests it deals exclusively with commercial spaces.

It is needless to point out that a commercial space requires a different kind of interior d├ęcor and cannot be compared to a residential space in this regard. Commercial interior design is a separate field altogether. There are many areas that are covered under this kind of interior design such as lighting and plumbing systems of the office space, the effort to make the space environment friendly and designing and maximizing the office space. There are commercial interior designers who offer their services for all the above tasks and more.

Commercial interior design has certainly evolved over the years and this kind of interior design has been around from as early as the 19th century. The designer hired to undertake the task of office interior design must have a good knowledge of architecture and extensive experience as well. There are many advantages of handing over the job of commercial interior designing to an expert commercial interior designer. Every commercial space from a business office to a movie theatre requires an excellent display that is gripping and intriguing at the same time. Only a professional designer would know the elements of office interior design and how to incorporate them in the proper manner.

It has to be noted that commercial interior design done by a professional will create the right ambience in the place plus also bring out the strong points of the business. The expert would keep in mind every aspect from engaging display to a cutting-edge design of the commercial space. There are experiences of many experts involved in creating the perfect commercial space. The interior designers merge their expertise with architects, contractors and other professionals such as contractors to build a space that looks stunning and appeals to a potential customer.

Every little detail of the commercial space such as location of a light bulb is decided by the expert interior designer so that nothing looks out of place. Choosing services of a professional interior designer is indeed a wise idea to implement and follow and there are many good and reliable options available these days to choose from. A commercial space well-designed is beneficial in ways more than one.

Ref :- http://alliedstudios.in/understanding-the-need-for-commercial-interior-design/