Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Value and Importance of Commercial Architect Designing In Gurgaon

With the rapid development of Gurgaon in recent times and the place becoming a throbbing commercial hub, commercial architect designing in Gurgaon is assuming an importance that simply can’t be ignored.
It goes without saying that over the last two decades, Gurgaon has grown by leaps and bounds, particularly in the development of commercial space. With more and more multinationals shifting their headquarters to Gurgaon, the need for commercial space too, has risen sharply. This is exactly where commercial architect designing in Gurgaon has assumed an extremely important role in the ever growing real estate business. This type of architecture is different from residential and hospitality architecture and confines itself strictly to the design of structures, spaces and buildings that are created for non-residential use. These include offices and retail outlets primarily.
Commercial Architect Designing inGurgaon is an all encompassing activity involving the entire process of building. Commercial architects first hold a round of meetings with their clients to understand their fundamental requirements, proposed project site and their budget. It is only after such basics are determined that the building blueprints are drawn and finally frozen before the actual construction begins. The architect then assumes the role of coordinator in the whole building process. He constantly collaborates with engineers, landscape architects, interior designers and construction contractors to ensure that the building is coming up according to plan and that there are no deviations. It is also the commercial architect’s responsibility to provide post-construction services, including worker payment and testing and inspection of buildings.
Even though aesthetics is an integral and inextricable part of commercial architectural designing, the commercial architect must also consider various other factors that go into the making of the entire design process. These include, building codes, functionality, safety regulations and more importantly, construction costs. He may work independently as a freelancer or with a firm of commercial architects. Since commercial buildings are entirely different from their counterparts and may even house hazardous machinery, their environmental impact is also of prime importance. This is where the architect in question has to take special care to prevent accidents and other environmental hazards. He must bear in mind that it’s not merely the look, but the purpose for which it has been constructed. With prices of commercial land escalating by the day, it is of utmost importance that the architect creates the maximum amount of space within a defined matrix where every inch of the land is gainfully utilized.

In recent times, commercial architect designing in Gurgaon has reached international standards and the results speak for themselves. Take for example the offices of Samsung or IBM, to name a few. These glass and mortar structures not only catch the eye because of sheer aesthetics but house thousands of employees who are being offered a perfectly comfortable environment to work in. Ergonomics have been combined with some brilliant civil and structural engineering to erect structures that compare with some of the finest office buildings in the world. Indian commercial architects are being trained at some of the premier institutes of the country and even abroad and their creativity, knowledge and skills are coming together to make history.  The sheer ambience of such buildings is certainly something to reckon with.

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