Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Reasons For Hiring An Architect and Interior Designer In Delhi

With the real estate boom in recent years, the role of the architect and interior designer in Delhi is not only getting redefined but increasing in importance as well. Here’s why.

According to a recent report, over the forthcoming two decades, nearly 3.5 times of the livable space in the Indian subcontinent shall be reshaped, redesigned and rebuilt. Needless to say, therefore, that Delhi too, will not be spared of this predicament. This underscores the need and importance of an architect and interior designer in Delhi who will soon find his plate full with assignments and projects that will require an enormous amount of knowledge, skill and manpower to execute. With the rising awareness for eco-friendliness, moreover, the architect will be a harbinger of great change in India, particularly in the sphere of eco preservation where creation of low-carbon environments that are adaptably built will rule the day. It will also be the architect and builder’s responsibility to ensure that any building that he designs and subsequently erects will be a consumer of fuels that fall in the category of zero fossils, preserve and complement ecosystems and are adaptable to climatic changes.

An Architect and Interior Designer in Delhi works in tandem with construction experts and is mainly responsible for the design of new buildings; planning  alterations and / or extensions to buildings that already exist and they also advise on conservation and restoration of aged properties. He may also design large residential, commercial or hospitality complexes and this also includes landscaping as well. He is duty bound to cater to his client’s needs and must take utmost care to ensure functionality, safety and reasonable costs in whatever he designs. It is on his design – the very foundation of a structure or a building – that construction professionals and engineers will deliver the final product. In short, he is the pivot of any construction project and his failure will inevitably initiate a chain reaction leading to an undesired building or structure.
Delhi is home to many architects who have built a solid reputation for themselves. For example, Delhi’s Bahai Temple has now become an iconic landmark in the city and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Who could have imagined a Red Fort or a Qutub Minar unless there was an architect’s brain working behind it.  The typical architect will first get a feel of his client’s needs and develop the idea/options around them. It is only after the client has liked and frozen a particular idea that the technical work starts. This includes basic drawings, establishment of budgets, assessing needs of a building’s users, and, in today’s context, more importantly, the building’s impact on its local environment. 

Architects also aid in site selection and supervise construction to ensure that the work is being carried out according to specified plans/ instructions and the building turns out to be sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, functional. In a combined role, an architect and interior designer in Delhi will also visualize the interiors of the building that he designs and suggest ways and means for maximum utilization of space without compromising on aesthetics and safety. In terms of interior design, he will at first prepare and present feasibility reports as also design and present concepts to his client and point out the practical importance of his proposal. His responsibility also involves resolving issues and problems arising during construction and also during the work on the interiors.

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