Tuesday, 20 October 2015

What Is Architecture Design For Home

For those who intend building a home that will inevitably lead to comfortable living, hiring the services of a trained and experienced architect is mandatory. This is because Architecture Design for Home is a specialized sphere of engineering that only those who have been truly initiated can offer.

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Architecture Design For Home is a very broad canvas and encompasses everything from the tiniest cottages to palatial mansions and buildings. Take for example, the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia or the vast palaces of India and Europe. Would it have been possible to build such grand beauties without proper architectural training? We believe not. Moreover, architects study the natural environment in which the building is going to be set up and also resort to eco-friendly techniques so that the environment remains unharmed. It certainly would not have been possible for any ordinary layman to start building unless an architect does the basic groundwork and design for the project. 

Some of thr world famous architects have devoted their talents to research on intelligent buildings and have come up with some visual marvels as a result. They are sticklers for safety and ensure that your home becomes a haven of safety and comfort. Of late, many architects in India have started studying Vastu Shastra, the ancient art of architecture and applying it to their designs. Vastu is being constantly applied to ground preparation, layout, measurements, spatial geometry and space arrangement when it comes to designing a home. The proposed design is based on the principle of integrating architecture with the natural elements. Yantra or geometric patterns is an integral part of Vastu and integrates various parts of the building or structure symmetrically.

Architecture Design For Home combines elements of civil engineering, design and architecture and makes a rational analysis of all factors that go into the building of a residential house, particularly cost and the proposed owner’s affordability.  It is a truly scientific approach that involves careful study of all combined factors that ultimately result in a residential building, starting from the basic layout to the final drawing, based on which the structure is created. This is exactly why it is considered a major technical science the world over and is going up the popularity charts day by day.   
Ref : http://alliedstudios.in/what-is-architecture-design-for-home/


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