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How Should you Hire the Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR

If you desire perfection in the end result of interior designers’ work; then you should keep in mind certain factors like experience, certification, charge, and honours’ before allotting the privilege of working for you.  

Interior designers are those professionals who help you in transforming the look of your home, office, hotels, malls and so on to make it a heaven. Some of them have added the work of interior decorator also in their repertoire i.e. change the aesthetics of your home with the things gathered over the years. It is evident that you can count on them for such purpose, but only if you hire the best interior designer in Delhi ncr, otherwise the work may not match your expectations.

How to find the best interior designer in Delhi ncr could be a little tedious or daunting job for you; especially if you are unaware about all those things. Frets not, just follow these procedures, and you will on your way to make your place- a dream palace. Some of the important things you should look for before assigning the work are:
  • Certificates/ degree.
  • Accolades.
  • Experience.
  • Charge.

First of all you can do some research online to find the best interiordesigner in Delhi ncr or you can ask for reference to your friends or colleagues, and later on you can enquire about abovementioned factors like their past, charging criteria and so on to hire someone that meets your requirements and necessities.

Certified designer    
It is necessary to cross check the interior designers’ certificates given to them by respective department/ organisation in order to validate the right person right for your work. It ensures the work is going under the right person, and he/she will take responsibility for it.

The past experience will describe their accolades, projects handled, capacity, testimonials and several other things that will assist you in making the utmost conclusion. You should also ask them about the types of projects they accomplished so as to get an overview whether they are perfect for your work or not.

How do they charge for their services? It states that flat design fee (where clients pay flat fee based on time, services and design), hourly rate (negotiable), cost plus method, mixed method, and per square foot. All of these factors will help you in pulling the best card out of your pocket and avoid the irrelevant ones. 

Clever Tips and Tricks Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon follow

Learn about some clever and creative design tips and tricks followed by Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon to make your home look spacious as well as beautiful

Small design ideas make the greatest impact to the look and feel of your home. There are some well-known design tips and tricks followed by Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon, to make your home look vibrant and striking in sync with this millennium city.

Whether you have just moved into a new home or plan to refurbish your home, just take a look at the simple tips followed by Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon 

Paint small rooms in softer, lighter colors to make them feel larger
A small room seems to look bigger if painted with a soft and light color with a few mirrors strategically placed on the walls of the room. The natural light coming in through windows and reflected by the mirrors makes the room feel larger, the effect being compounded by light colored walls.

Mix up patterns and textures
You can mix up patterns and textures of decorative as well as old and new items from your past and present. Similarly fabrics of furniture, rugs or pillows can be mixed up to give a vibrant look to your living space.

Use what you already possess
Instead of going to the store for buying expensive decoratives, just check your boxes for simple items like trays, wooden, acrylic or metallic items and place them on top of racks or coffee table to give that extra texture and dimension to your room.

Go in for green plants
Add plants to every room of your house, whether it is the living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms. Plants are inexpensive decorative with fine textures, and are instrumental in cleaning the air by absorbing pollutants and balancing humidity, thus ensuring better health to the inhabitants.

Paint or wallpaper your bookcases
Colorful wallpapers or a fresh coat of paint on bookcases enliven your room, besides brightening and re-energizing the walls, thus giving a feel of positivity. Other places which should be regularly painted are the fireplace, closets and ceiling. Paint or wallpaper transforms a boring space into a lively area.

Use rugs and carpets
Define areas in your room with rugs and carpets, as these add great texture, color and personality to your living space. You can change your area rugs to reflect the seasons, by using warmer tones and fabrics for cooler months and lighter ones for the warmer days.

The above simple ideas practiced by bestinterior designers in Gurgaon shall surely be of great use in making your home a better place to inhabit.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Creative and Useful Home Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

The increasing cost of land and construction has resulted in small homes for a middle class family, which fall within its budget. With some creative and useful Home Interior Ideas for Small Spaces, one can easily make the maximum usage of the available space by effectively utilizing all areas of the house.

Interior Design
Although ideas for space utilization generally emerge after seeing the location but some creative and effective Home Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces are given below for ready reference:

Sofa Bunk Bed – A sofa that doubles up as a two tier bed for kids at night is a popular space saver. An inbuilt small stair is used to climb on the upper deck.

Fold-Down Table – It is a small table with its one end fixed on a wall with hinges. After finishing the work it collapses along the wall, thus making space for other uses.

Window Blinds Converting to a Rack – Such window blinds can be installed which, when needed, can be changed to horizontal position, and can be utilized for drying clothes on each of its blind.

Wall Bed cum Sofa – This special piece of furniture acts as a sofa with a decent showcase behind it, which when needed, can be changed to horizontal position and used as a double bed.

Painting which doubles as Jewelry Rack – A medium sized (2 ft by 4 ft) rack about 6 inches deep can be installed on a bedroom wall storing jewelry. The front of the rack can be covered with a beautiful painting fixed with hinges at one end.

Stairs with Drawers and Shelves – Storage for books and other things can be made under each step of a staircase. Drawers can be aesthetically designed and placed under each step, utilizing small spaces which otherwise go waste.

Ironing Board cum Mirror – A mirror can be fixed at the back of a normal ironing board, which after ironing doubles up as a looking mirror when changed to vertical position.

Hideable Dog Bowl Drawer – The bottom most drawer of any almirah can serve as a space for affixing two dog bowls, which will only be opened while giving food or water to the canine.

The above list of some small but useful Home Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces can be very effective in utilizing every small area of your house as also giving it the modern look and feel.

Home Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces, Interior Designers in Delhi

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

For a Desired Home, Contact Residential Architects in Delhi

Looking for home stuffed with modern facilities and natural environ? If yes is for an answer, reach residential architects in Delhi, who work with finesse to deliver the best housing!

Everyone these days is looking for a home that blends nature and state-of-the-art infrastructure finely only to deliver a well built home. That’s why residential architects in Delhi are most sought after. With the task of designing luxury homes which they do extremely well – they tend to infuse nature around them as much as possible to give people a comfortable and pleasing ambiance. Apart from ensuring that the environ you get is cosy, these architects do not compromise on interior design. The interiors accommodate latest in technology fitting backed with elegance.

Residential architects in Delhi are doing a great job of conjugating plush architecture with the newest and most luxurious interiors. Wondering why? This facilitates maximum exposure and appreciation of the surrounding environment, thereby making way for comfort and beauty. The architects ensure that the subtle design seamlessly juxtaposes into the natural surroundings.

Since Delhi has been a hub of inspirational residential architecture, architects here create structures that would catch your attention and form an urge inside you to live there. Moreover, residentialarchitects in Delhi transform abandoned property into stunning residences that are most coveted for the look they carry – absolute chic! Apart from this, the locality they are based in, the urban lifestyle they encase and enveloped with necessities and luxuries.

Given the fact that the future of residential architecture in Delhi happens to be in those sophisticated spaces which are apparently environmentally sensitive – including the latest energy efficiency gadgets and combining them with the comforts of luxurious living – that is what the residential architects in Delhi are good at.

To give a charred appearance to a living room extension, the architects carrying finesse use strips of black-stained timber! With the hunt for parking spaces taking a toll on the Delhites, residential architects in Delhi are going for a basement garage which will help reduce the parking space required for the house.  

With homebuyer in Delhi becoming demanding, there is a need to deliver what they desire – a home with spacious interior, providing kids with spaces to have a good time in the comfort of their homes. This as well cuts down on the maintenance required by the yards. Thus, residential architects in Delhi are doing a fine job of meeting the expectations of residents who wish for a home packed with amenities and surrounded with nature.

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