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Value and Importance of Commercial Architect Designing In Gurgaon

With the rapid development of Gurgaon in recent times and the place becoming a throbbing commercial hub, commercial architect designing in Gurgaon is assuming an importance that simply can’t be ignored.
It goes without saying that over the last two decades, Gurgaon has grown by leaps and bounds, particularly in the development of commercial space. With more and more multinationals shifting their headquarters to Gurgaon, the need for commercial space too, has risen sharply. This is exactly where commercial architect designing in Gurgaon has assumed an extremely important role in the ever growing real estate business. This type of architecture is different from residential and hospitality architecture and confines itself strictly to the design of structures, spaces and buildings that are created for non-residential use. These include offices and retail outlets primarily.
Commercial Architect Designing inGurgaon is an all encompassing activity involving the entire process of building. Commercial architects first hold a round of meetings with their clients to understand their fundamental requirements, proposed project site and their budget. It is only after such basics are determined that the building blueprints are drawn and finally frozen before the actual construction begins. The architect then assumes the role of coordinator in the whole building process. He constantly collaborates with engineers, landscape architects, interior designers and construction contractors to ensure that the building is coming up according to plan and that there are no deviations. It is also the commercial architect’s responsibility to provide post-construction services, including worker payment and testing and inspection of buildings.
Even though aesthetics is an integral and inextricable part of commercial architectural designing, the commercial architect must also consider various other factors that go into the making of the entire design process. These include, building codes, functionality, safety regulations and more importantly, construction costs. He may work independently as a freelancer or with a firm of commercial architects. Since commercial buildings are entirely different from their counterparts and may even house hazardous machinery, their environmental impact is also of prime importance. This is where the architect in question has to take special care to prevent accidents and other environmental hazards. He must bear in mind that it’s not merely the look, but the purpose for which it has been constructed. With prices of commercial land escalating by the day, it is of utmost importance that the architect creates the maximum amount of space within a defined matrix where every inch of the land is gainfully utilized.

In recent times, commercial architect designing in Gurgaon has reached international standards and the results speak for themselves. Take for example the offices of Samsung or IBM, to name a few. These glass and mortar structures not only catch the eye because of sheer aesthetics but house thousands of employees who are being offered a perfectly comfortable environment to work in. Ergonomics have been combined with some brilliant civil and structural engineering to erect structures that compare with some of the finest office buildings in the world. Indian commercial architects are being trained at some of the premier institutes of the country and even abroad and their creativity, knowledge and skills are coming together to make history.  The sheer ambience of such buildings is certainly something to reckon with.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

What Is Architecture Design For Home

For those who intend building a home that will inevitably lead to comfortable living, hiring the services of a trained and experienced architect is mandatory. This is because Architecture Design for Home is a specialized sphere of engineering that only those who have been truly initiated can offer.

best architects in gurgaon
Architecture Design For Home is a very broad canvas and encompasses everything from the tiniest cottages to palatial mansions and buildings. Take for example, the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia or the vast palaces of India and Europe. Would it have been possible to build such grand beauties without proper architectural training? We believe not. Moreover, architects study the natural environment in which the building is going to be set up and also resort to eco-friendly techniques so that the environment remains unharmed. It certainly would not have been possible for any ordinary layman to start building unless an architect does the basic groundwork and design for the project. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Reasons For Hiring An Architect and Interior Designer In Delhi

With the real estate boom in recent years, the role of the architect and interior designer in Delhi is not only getting redefined but increasing in importance as well. Here’s why.

According to a recent report, over the forthcoming two decades, nearly 3.5 times of the livable space in the Indian subcontinent shall be reshaped, redesigned and rebuilt. Needless to say, therefore, that Delhi too, will not be spared of this predicament. This underscores the need and importance of an architect and interior designer in Delhi who will soon find his plate full with assignments and projects that will require an enormous amount of knowledge, skill and manpower to execute. With the rising awareness for eco-friendliness, moreover, the architect will be a harbinger of great change in India, particularly in the sphere of eco preservation where creation of low-carbon environments that are adaptably built will rule the day. It will also be the architect and builder’s responsibility to ensure that any building that he designs and subsequently erects will be a consumer of fuels that fall in the category of zero fossils, preserve and complement ecosystems and are adaptable to climatic changes.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Functions of Interior Decorators In Gurgaon

As a Gurgaon resident, you may be on the lookout for interior decorators in Gurgaon who specialize in creating those exquisite designs for interiors or work on completely making over your home. They are a talented breed of creative artists who are trained to give home interiors that special look and to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Hire an Interior Designer Gurgaon for the Winter Touch

Prepare yourself for the upcoming winter months by hiring the best interior designer Gurgaon for complete makeover of your home.

The same look of the home turns out boring after sometime, just like the changing times. People go in for appealing modern-designs enthusiastically, but with passing of certain period of time the attraction fades away. If you are bored with the summer interiors of our home; then it is time to think about restyling or say hire an interior designer Gurgaon for the perfect winter look.

Think different helps in winter interiors

The interiors which look cool in summer do not necessarily go well with winter. A professional interior designer in Gurgaon is well aware about the fact that summer colours are not at all a fit for the winter season. In winter, go with rich mulberry tones, deep blues, greens and purples exuding warmness as well as glamour. Using rich and pleasant colours like golden, beige and burgundy shades for mattress sheets, cushioning, curtains, and covers will do a great job in enriching a warm environment. Placement of the home accessories especially metallic ones matters a lot too when it comes to reflection of cold wind and absorption of heat waves.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Strategy for buying quality office furniture

If you are looking for a change in the look of your office; then what could be more better than revamping your interiors by buying new office furniture. 

The Office is like another home for professionals as you spend a major fraction of your time there. If you are the owner of any company; then you may be aware with the fact how much the office environment assists in productivity. In fact, office furniture plays a huge role in creating an ambient environment for you and your colleagues. If you are planning to buy high quality office furniture to impart an ergonomic look; then you should remember certain crucial points.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Understanding the Role of Best Architect in Delhi in Building Your Home

There is no need to follow the traditional method of designing your home as top architects in Delhi can help you in constructing strong, functional and beautiful home in your budget. Read more-

Gone are those days when hiring architects was a matter for commercial building purpose in Delhi. Now days, the role of an architect is not limited any more to hotels and malls as many people have begun considering them for their residences. Initially many people were relying upon the advice of construction workers or colleagues for architectural designing, but gradually this trend is changing due to the efforts of best architect in Delhi. They came in as myth busters regarding residential architectural designing as well as helped folks to make their dream home a reality!
The role of architects are many but designing is their primary job which involves many factors. Those people who hired the best architects in Delhi in the past will tell you how capable they are in incorporating most of your requirements within the frame of space.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Buying furniture for hotels in Delhi

Are you a hotel owner or planning a construct a hotel in Delhi? Then you know the importance of furniture for hotels in Delhi, read more to understand how to choose the right furniture for your hotel. 

Delhi has grown tremendously in the last decade. The statistics highlight huge growth in the hospitality sector especially hotels. As an owner of a hotel or someone who is planning to build one, you may be familiar with importance of furniture in hotels. It is necessary to choose the furniture that suits the theme and d├ęcor of the hotel in order to express its real beauty.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Reasons to hire best architects in Delhi NCR

The real estate business is always on fire especially in Delhi NCR, every now and then new mega projects are developing in the market. Obviously, big companies hire best architects in Delhi NCR to accomplish the giant structure beautifully. On the other hand many people making their home in Delhi ignore architects. This is the biggest mistake one could make as far as the current structure strength and future expansion of their house is concerned.

If you are someone about to construct a new home; then these reasons will convince to hire top architects in Delhi NCR-  

Qualification and experience
Undoubtedly, professional architects are highly-qualified with required degrees from reputed universities. Moreover, they also have significant experience of handling different kinds of projects, and an understanding of local laws, rules and codes.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Hire Residential Interior Designer for Cozy Beautifully Home

Who does not desire a beautiful cozy home where they can spend quality time with their family? In order to achieve magnificent interior design at home, many people try experimenting with many styles continuously. Do not do this, be smart and hire a professional interior designer in Delhi to do this for you within your budget! Read more -

When you build your dream home or buy an apartment in Delhi, the thought of doing the interior designing of your home becomes your priority. And most probably, you do it on your own without professional knowledge which is not what you want your home to reflect or feel like! The two most common interior designing mistakes we tend to make are either the interior becomes too simple or messy, which leaves us dissatisfied with the result. 

The interior should be done in a way that people feel relaxed the moment they enter the house after a hectic day. It has been also observed that people get so obsessed with interior designing that they end up with a clumsy and irregular look of the house. It should be done according to the size of their rooms. Interior designing of a house should be done in such a way that the people staying over there get the exceptional feeling. Not only comfort, the aesthetic of the home should also be appealing. The perfect blend of aestheticism and comfort will win over the hearts of guests, visiting your house.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Contemporary Furniture Manufacturing Service In Delhi ncr

Everything is changing these days rapidly, although there are people who still stick to the “old is gold” quote. If you are one of them who love contemporary furniture; then this blog is especially for you.

Furniture Manufacturing Service in delhi ncr
Demands and designs change from time to time, and people begin shifting from one model to another. There are many people in Delhi who go in for contemporary furniture and contemporary designs have preserved its popularity till date. Alongside, it has also got some unique touches from many popular designers around the world. As far as contemporary Furniture Manufacturing Service in Delhi NCR is concerned, there are many professionals with extraordinary knowledge and experience in their niche.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

How to Find and Engage a Competent Architect in Delhi

As soon as one thinks of building a house or a commercial unit, or even wishes to redesign and refurbish an existing one, the first thing which comes to mind is about searching a good architect. Although there are hundreds of architects and designers in every area of the national capital, but searching for a competent architect in Delhi, often turns out to be a taxing exercise.
In fact you need to find and engage an architect who designs as per your needs, tastes and perception, that too within your budget. While searching and finalizing a competent architect in Delhi, you should keep the following simple tips and points in your mind:
Enquire from friends
The first and the most prevalent mode are to enquire from friends, relatives and acquaintances. Another practical way is to ask the owners of properties you like, about the architect who designed them. Most of the under construction properties have a signage displayed outside depicting the name and contact details of architect and contractors. You can also ask your known persons and others for their feedback about the work, how much have they paid, besides clearing your other queries too.
Search on the Internet
In today's virtual world, most of the good architects have their own websites and/or are listed in various directories. You can search online for an architect of your choice through their websites, articles and blogs, where besides finding contact details, you can also have a look at the buildings they have designed. Moreover, the online medium also contains reviews and feedbacks from people who have taken services of these architects, which will guide you a lot in short listing them.
Contacting and Meeting
After you have shortlisted a few architects who seem to suit your requirements, you should contact and meet them personally. At this stage you should visit some properties they have designed, to get an idea about their style, concepts and designs. You should visit the delivered properties as well as those which are being constructed, as you will get an opportunity to interact with people who have availed the services of a specific architect. Once you have met all the shortlisted architects, you will be able to narrow down your list to the best few among them.
Charges and Deliverables
Now it is time for negotiating on the charges to be paid as well as the services the architect would provide in return. Charges can be negotiated to the best suited to both, but the terms of deliverable services should be very clear. Besides providing the basic design along with minute detailing of every aspect, architects also visit the site in the course of its construction till delivery. Hence you should decide on the number of visits per month the architect will make, as well as the aspects of construction he would oversee, supervise and monitor.
On following the above suggestions, you would surely be able to find a genuine and competent Architect in Delhi who would give shape to the property of your dreams. As you finalize an architect of your choice, you should get at least 3-4 options designed, before approving one for construction.
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Friday, 28 August 2015

Latest Trends in Residential Architect Designing In Delhi NCR

With introduction and implementation of new technologies in the construction industry, as well as based on the specific needs of the client, Residential architect designing in Delhi NCR changes very often, resulting in a different look and feel of upcoming houses. Moreover, the shrinking spaces in the national capital, compounded by exorbitant land costs, compels the architects to go in for a different design perspective to make the house look extremely beautiful, irrespective of the small plot size.

Sometimes the trend in designing of residential projects also changes due to the need for a different visual impact it imparts at a particular location. The following points should be kept in mind while implementing latest trends in Residential architect designing in Delhi NCR :

Optimum Utilization of Space

As land is scarce and too costly in Delhi NCR, one should ensure optimum utilization of each and every inch of land while constructing a house. All nooks and corners of the plot should be put to maximum use, while at the same time also ensuring that the Government norms and laws of construction are diligently followed.

Unique Design Concept

The design of the house should be unique and new, which stands out from the rest of the buildings in the area. Privacy of the house should be ensured, especially of the first floor rooms, and of those plots which are open from two or three sides

Ample Parking Space

With the increasing number of cars in every home in Delhi NCR, the architect should provide ample space for parking in the new houses. Besides own cars and those of tenants, the visitors should also be able to safely park their cars within the boundary of the house.

Vaastu Compliant Design

Needless to stress upon the importance of ancient Indian science of Vaastu, which on compliance ensures a harmonious atmosphere besides many other benefits for the incumbents of the house. Vaastu should also be implemented in plantation of various varieties of trees, plants and shrubs. The colour of the interiors and exteriors of the house should also be vaastu compliant.

Robust Structure

The structure of the house should be robustly designed as per the laid down calculations and rules, capable of withstanding earthquakes of high intensity, as Delhi NCR falls in high seismic zone, and has lately experienced many earthquakes. Moreover a solid foundation leaves scope for further expansion and construction in future. 

Proper Ventilation and Sunlight

One of the most important aspects of a house is regular availability of fresh air and natural light. Care should be taken for direction and design of windows, which ensures proper ventilation, resulting in good health of the inhabitants.

Safety Concerns of all

The design of the house should be in accordance of providing safety of the residents. Measures should be taken for installing various safety and monitoring devices at strategic locations, for maintaining all round security of the property as well as the incumbents.

By following the above seven measures, you can definitely build the house of your dreams with latest trends of Architect Designing In Delhi NCR , while at the same time enjoying the latest amenities and facilities for a comfortable and stylish living.

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Luxury Interior Designer in Delhi

Home means everything; so no doubt you have put a great deal of thought and effort into getting the interior design just right. Sometimes only luxury will make all the difference to an interior, and makes you feel rather special. And if you've worked hard for a beautiful house, it's worth investing in an interior design that creates a feeling of luxury. 

Monday, 17 August 2015

Benefits of Commercial Architect Designing in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is one of the rapidly growing cities in India also tagged as the “Millennium city”! When you consider opening an office here - commercial architect designing becomes an important step before you begin your business. Read on to know about its benefits-

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Why Should You Choose Furniture Manufacturing Service?

Furniture manufacturing service provider can turn your home into heaven, which would not be easy for you to accomplish alone. Read further to know the benefits- 

Furniture has a pivotal role in the beauty and comfort of any home or office. With Furniture - Its rigid structure is known for supporting the human body and/or offering storage space. Living without furniture these days is unimaginable! It implies the need of furniture manufacturing service so that you can lead a wonderful life in an aesthetic environment. 
No matter what your requirements may be, premium furniture manufactures produce all kinds of furniture i.e. furniture for the office, kitchen, bathroom, living room, hotels etc. The numbers in Furniture Manufacturing Services have surged in the past few years due to its demands in cities. Therefore, it has now moved from its ranking of luxury items to necessities. 

What You Need to Know about Residential Architectural Designing in Delhi NCR

Now days, every one wishes to attain the best in their life, as a result you can see drastic changes between today's architectural designs and the conventional ones. More and more people are switching to modern designs instead of following the tradition. In case of contemporary designs also, you may find a special touch of vogue in many homes.

Innovation in design has subsequently changed the city, and in order to keep up with it you need be innovative. Since one would not know the nuances of Residential architectural designing in Delhi NCR technically, it is advisable that you should consider hiring an expert. Before you progress on the process of allotting someone your work, it is necessary to keep certain factors in mind:

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Furniture for Hotels in Delhi There is too much competition between hospitality sectors in Delhi as every hotel owner wants to rule the market. Everyone desires to provide the best environment a customer can desire, but in order to excel it you should have certain strategy for furniture in hotels. That means, factors to consider while choosing your furniture including size, colour, price, maintenance etc. Perfect planning before ordering the furniture can give you edge over others.

Monday, 27 July 2015


The proper residential architect designing can turn your home into a heaven. A professional architect will incorporate all the ingredients required to build your home – a home sweet home.

Residential Architect DesigningYour home is not just stacks of bricks or a cardboard looking like box. It is the place where you spend your quality time with your loved ones and with yourself also. So, it is very important that the buildings should have its own personality too. In order to achieve that, you need to employ the perfect residential architect designing to get the desired effect. And to do so, you require a professional architect who can provide you high quality architecture service at a lower price.

A residential architect would have all the expertise and knowledge to impart a professional touch into the work. Their Residential Architect Designing will include organized home plans, home ideas and bespoke designs which could not possible by a novice. They can provide you several modern residential architecture designs or contemporary house designs especially made to fulfill your needs and requirements. And in addition to well organized and speculated floor plan, they can also help you in getting all the permissions and local requirements, and further save you from bumping into any problem.

An expert can do wonders with your help, as you are the person who knows their interests very well, and they know their work very well. It states that whatever design you may be visualising in your mind- an architect will bring the same on the ground with the help of every concern person involved in the construction. They can help you from the beginning of the design till end of the construction through their excellent architectural designing and supervision. In other words, it would be better to hire an expert for residential architect designing instead of doing it on your own or employing an ordinary mason.

After hiring a connoisseur in architectural designing, you can discuss with them your needs, interests, required amenities, and the desired result. No one would understand your requirements better than them in terms of residential architects. So, basically the outcome would be according to the specifications fed by you. Alongside your needs, they also take care of all the safety guidelines, proper structural design, legal work (where their help may be required) in order to avoid any upcoming problem.

They are proficient in doing proper house planning which also include the spatial arrangement and floor plan. So, you should define your room size, directions facing, (according to Vastu Shashtra), space between rooms, and even certain restrictions (limited to you) to them so as to construct a special home for yourself or entire family. And they will render the design perfectly to match your requirements.

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Avail Utmost Furniture Manufacturing Service in Delhi

The architectural company providing furniture manufacturing service in Delhi could be the right option for you as far as the amalgamation of impeccable interior designing and high-quality furniture is concerned.

Furniture has a significant role in the interiors of any place including home, hotels, and office. Secondly, it creates a wonderful environment combined with inexplicable beauty
within the employed space. So, it is not just about showpiece, but also for solving a distinct purpose. Doing all these things is not easy for anyone; therefore you require someone who can proffer customized solutions right at your door step. And that is where a furniture manufacturing service in Delhi comes in to assist you; so you can choose them according to your purpose.

The best solution for furniture manufacturerin Delhi NCR would be an architectural company which provides numerous services including interior design and furniture manufacturing. In case you are constructing your home or office; then choosing such company would be icing on the cake as there is a possibility of designing everything before the commencement of any process. And even if your space is ready for normal living; then also you can hire them to transform your way of life in terms of styles (modern, contemporary, luxurious). The biggest advantage of using them is their prowess in interior design, so they won’t just design your furniture but also your interiors.

The furniture is a single word literally, but it encompasses exorbitant products within its periphery including sofa sets, lounge chairs, reception desks, stools, coffee tables, wardrobes, space dividers to name a few. The list is too long, so does its purpose. Therefore, it would be better to deploy an expert who can provide you customized solutions that fits your requirements. If you purchase online, it is going to be troublesome process as you have to take care of several things, and in addition to that you may not get the desired products. On the other hand, top furniture manufacturing services provider in Delhi will proffer you the great quality products at right price. Moreover, they can also assist you in assembling and fitting at the proper space properly.

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Why Should You Hire Interior Designers?

Interior designers have the experience and professionalism to bring awesomeness, decorous and curious factor into the design which won’t possible by any novice.

Interior designs have a great role in maintaining your status and prosperity along with beauty of the particular place. Most of the people think “why should they hire interior designers when they can accomplish the task on their own? The easier it seems the difficult it is, especially if

you are not the cult of designs. The planning or visualization of ideas may be simple, but the execution part distinguishes an amateur from a professionals. In other words, it would be better to leave the task for an expert who knows everything well in addition with enough experience and several quality projects under their umbrella.

  • There are various points that justify the worth of employing interiordesigners, and some of them are listed here:An experienced interior designer will know about every aspect of design industry because of their devotion to this field for a long time. Moreover, they will certainly have practical experience in designing, organizing, coordinating, and managing project completely.
  • A good designer can apparently save your money in the long term as they would have access to the best furniture, fabric houses, and carpet suppliers in the world.
  • Designers possess the vogue library of evolving designs that ensures you will get the eloquent designs that expresses you concordantly. Having said that, you can choose for the luxury of your own home or the modern office from their catalogues.
  • They also have the ability to make a compromise with those companies which give discounts to interior designers so that they can happily pass on to their clients.
  •  Interior designer gives you the privilege to get customised products according to your requirements and needs. Moreover, they can also assist in having it made completely bespoke in any finish and style.
  • A designer knows how to achieve the maximum realisation value of your property i.e. too many homes are devalued because of their shabby interior designs.
  • They will provide you with the complete overview of every room by highlighting the colour, palette, furniture style, layout, window treatments and flooring, and wall finishes. If you want 3D visuals of the contour, you can also obtain that from them.

In other words, it would be better to employ professional interior designers for transforming the look of your home or office; if you desire perfection and wow factor in the outcome.
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Monday, 29 June 2015

How Should you Hire the Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR

If you desire perfection in the end result of interior designers’ work; then you should keep in mind certain factors like experience, certification, charge, and honours’ before allotting the privilege of working for you.  

Interior designers are those professionals who help you in transforming the look of your home, office, hotels, malls and so on to make it a heaven. Some of them have added the work of interior decorator also in their repertoire i.e. change the aesthetics of your home with the things gathered over the years. It is evident that you can count on them for such purpose, but only if you hire the best interior designer in Delhi ncr, otherwise the work may not match your expectations.

How to find the best interior designer in Delhi ncr could be a little tedious or daunting job for you; especially if you are unaware about all those things. Frets not, just follow these procedures, and you will on your way to make your place- a dream palace. Some of the important things you should look for before assigning the work are:
  • Certificates/ degree.
  • Accolades.
  • Experience.
  • Charge.

First of all you can do some research online to find the best interiordesigner in Delhi ncr or you can ask for reference to your friends or colleagues, and later on you can enquire about abovementioned factors like their past, charging criteria and so on to hire someone that meets your requirements and necessities.

Certified designer    
It is necessary to cross check the interior designers’ certificates given to them by respective department/ organisation in order to validate the right person right for your work. It ensures the work is going under the right person, and he/she will take responsibility for it.

The past experience will describe their accolades, projects handled, capacity, testimonials and several other things that will assist you in making the utmost conclusion. You should also ask them about the types of projects they accomplished so as to get an overview whether they are perfect for your work or not.

How do they charge for their services? It states that flat design fee (where clients pay flat fee based on time, services and design), hourly rate (negotiable), cost plus method, mixed method, and per square foot. All of these factors will help you in pulling the best card out of your pocket and avoid the irrelevant ones. 

Clever Tips and Tricks Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon follow

Learn about some clever and creative design tips and tricks followed by Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon to make your home look spacious as well as beautiful

Small design ideas make the greatest impact to the look and feel of your home. There are some well-known design tips and tricks followed by Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon, to make your home look vibrant and striking in sync with this millennium city.

Whether you have just moved into a new home or plan to refurbish your home, just take a look at the simple tips followed by Best Interior Designers in Gurgaon 

Paint small rooms in softer, lighter colors to make them feel larger
A small room seems to look bigger if painted with a soft and light color with a few mirrors strategically placed on the walls of the room. The natural light coming in through windows and reflected by the mirrors makes the room feel larger, the effect being compounded by light colored walls.

Mix up patterns and textures
You can mix up patterns and textures of decorative as well as old and new items from your past and present. Similarly fabrics of furniture, rugs or pillows can be mixed up to give a vibrant look to your living space.

Use what you already possess
Instead of going to the store for buying expensive decoratives, just check your boxes for simple items like trays, wooden, acrylic or metallic items and place them on top of racks or coffee table to give that extra texture and dimension to your room.

Go in for green plants
Add plants to every room of your house, whether it is the living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms. Plants are inexpensive decorative with fine textures, and are instrumental in cleaning the air by absorbing pollutants and balancing humidity, thus ensuring better health to the inhabitants.

Paint or wallpaper your bookcases
Colorful wallpapers or a fresh coat of paint on bookcases enliven your room, besides brightening and re-energizing the walls, thus giving a feel of positivity. Other places which should be regularly painted are the fireplace, closets and ceiling. Paint or wallpaper transforms a boring space into a lively area.

Use rugs and carpets
Define areas in your room with rugs and carpets, as these add great texture, color and personality to your living space. You can change your area rugs to reflect the seasons, by using warmer tones and fabrics for cooler months and lighter ones for the warmer days.

The above simple ideas practiced by bestinterior designers in Gurgaon shall surely be of great use in making your home a better place to inhabit.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Creative and Useful Home Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

The increasing cost of land and construction has resulted in small homes for a middle class family, which fall within its budget. With some creative and useful Home Interior Ideas for Small Spaces, one can easily make the maximum usage of the available space by effectively utilizing all areas of the house.

Interior Design
Although ideas for space utilization generally emerge after seeing the location but some creative and effective Home Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces are given below for ready reference:

Sofa Bunk Bed – A sofa that doubles up as a two tier bed for kids at night is a popular space saver. An inbuilt small stair is used to climb on the upper deck.

Fold-Down Table – It is a small table with its one end fixed on a wall with hinges. After finishing the work it collapses along the wall, thus making space for other uses.

Window Blinds Converting to a Rack – Such window blinds can be installed which, when needed, can be changed to horizontal position, and can be utilized for drying clothes on each of its blind.

Wall Bed cum Sofa – This special piece of furniture acts as a sofa with a decent showcase behind it, which when needed, can be changed to horizontal position and used as a double bed.

Painting which doubles as Jewelry Rack – A medium sized (2 ft by 4 ft) rack about 6 inches deep can be installed on a bedroom wall storing jewelry. The front of the rack can be covered with a beautiful painting fixed with hinges at one end.

Stairs with Drawers and Shelves – Storage for books and other things can be made under each step of a staircase. Drawers can be aesthetically designed and placed under each step, utilizing small spaces which otherwise go waste.

Ironing Board cum Mirror – A mirror can be fixed at the back of a normal ironing board, which after ironing doubles up as a looking mirror when changed to vertical position.

Hideable Dog Bowl Drawer – The bottom most drawer of any almirah can serve as a space for affixing two dog bowls, which will only be opened while giving food or water to the canine.

The above list of some small but useful Home Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces can be very effective in utilizing every small area of your house as also giving it the modern look and feel.

Home Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces, Interior Designers in Delhi

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

For a Desired Home, Contact Residential Architects in Delhi

Looking for home stuffed with modern facilities and natural environ? If yes is for an answer, reach residential architects in Delhi, who work with finesse to deliver the best housing!

Everyone these days is looking for a home that blends nature and state-of-the-art infrastructure finely only to deliver a well built home. That’s why residential architects in Delhi are most sought after. With the task of designing luxury homes which they do extremely well – they tend to infuse nature around them as much as possible to give people a comfortable and pleasing ambiance. Apart from ensuring that the environ you get is cosy, these architects do not compromise on interior design. The interiors accommodate latest in technology fitting backed with elegance.

Residential architects in Delhi are doing a great job of conjugating plush architecture with the newest and most luxurious interiors. Wondering why? This facilitates maximum exposure and appreciation of the surrounding environment, thereby making way for comfort and beauty. The architects ensure that the subtle design seamlessly juxtaposes into the natural surroundings.

Since Delhi has been a hub of inspirational residential architecture, architects here create structures that would catch your attention and form an urge inside you to live there. Moreover, residentialarchitects in Delhi transform abandoned property into stunning residences that are most coveted for the look they carry – absolute chic! Apart from this, the locality they are based in, the urban lifestyle they encase and enveloped with necessities and luxuries.

Given the fact that the future of residential architecture in Delhi happens to be in those sophisticated spaces which are apparently environmentally sensitive – including the latest energy efficiency gadgets and combining them with the comforts of luxurious living – that is what the residential architects in Delhi are good at.

To give a charred appearance to a living room extension, the architects carrying finesse use strips of black-stained timber! With the hunt for parking spaces taking a toll on the Delhites, residential architects in Delhi are going for a basement garage which will help reduce the parking space required for the house.  

With homebuyer in Delhi becoming demanding, there is a need to deliver what they desire – a home with spacious interior, providing kids with spaces to have a good time in the comfort of their homes. This as well cuts down on the maintenance required by the yards. Thus, residential architects in Delhi are doing a fine job of meeting the expectations of residents who wish for a home packed with amenities and surrounded with nature.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

5 Tips For Finding a Good Interior Decorator in Gurgaon

After buying a house or commercial property in the bustling city of Gurgaon, the next inevitable search begins for an interior decorator, as he/she is the one responsible for making your place livable and lively. Finding a competent interior decorator in Gurgaon can be a taxing exercise as there are a lot of such professionals in the fast growing city of dreams.

Interior Decorator in Gurgaon
As you start searching for a good interior decorator in Gurgaon, who can create the ambience and environment of your property as per your choice, just keep in mind the following practical points :

Know Your Style
First of all you should decide on the look, feel and style you want to achieve for your property, and then search for the interior designer accordingly. You will find designers who specialize in creating modern looks, or traditional looks, with some even having their own signature style. Shortlist the designers after seeing their portfolio and works they have done.

Some designers are known to design with tight budgets by working on value for money concept, while some are famous for creating lavish styles with spending a lot of money. Finalize the designer who best suits your spending power.

Search Online
All good professionals have their own websites, especially in the IT city of Gurgaon. Search websites, articles as well as business directories to make a list of interior designers in the city, and then shortlist a few as per your criteria and choice.

Know Customer Reviews
Customer reviews are an important source of judging the credibility and creativity of any professional. Read customer reviews on various online platforms, as well as try to contact those customers who feature in the portfolio of the designers, to get an unbiased and first hand view about their services.

Visit the spaces designed by the designer
Take out some time to visit the properties designed by the designers you have shortlisted. Actually seeing the places designed by him/her gives you an idea about the work, creativity and other aspects of the designer, which can be very helpful in finalizing him/her for the job.

By working on the above tips you can surely find a good interior decorator in Gurgaon to create an ambience of your choice as well as within your budget.

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Space Saving Ideas by Best Architects in Delhi

With the skyrocketing cost of land and space becoming extremely costly in metro cities, the best architects in Delhi are using innovative methods and techniques for saving space as well as giving a new look to your home.

Best Architects in Delhi
You can take advantage of some space saving ideas being implemented  by the Best architects in Delhi, for optimum utilization of your home space. The following tips can be really useful :

Built-in furniture, whether beds, benches or dining room tables, is fast emerging as one of the space saver in almost all homes. This type of furniture is particularly good for creating effective storage by adding useful elements in tight spaces, besides looking beautiful and giving the graceful touch to your home or office.
Almirahs, bookshelves and other storage components can be aesthetically designed and placed under staircases, solving the dual purpose of utilizing the otherwise wasteful space, as well as giving a decent look. A little tricky to build drawers in the steps of stairs can also be designed  to use this space in the steps, which is generally filled with bricks and hence wasted.

Window Seating
The space just beside the window is seldom used, but can be well utilized by making a window recess seat. Besides enjoying the warmth of the sun in winters, a covered storage space can be created under this banquette-style seating.

Corners and Narrow Spaces
Corners can be utilized by placing a showcase, while some narrow spaces can be put to great use with a row of floor-to-ceiling shelves on one side, with enough space left to move about or practice yoga. Some corner space near a window can be used to put a small study table or a work station.
Instead of making brick and mortar walls for partitions in a big room, or between a living area and kitchen or staircase, you can easily design wooden partitions with storage space in between. The one foot deep shelves can be used as a book shelf, display area, or as a cupboard.

With these few but useful space saving ideas followed  by some of the Best Architects in Delhi, you can easily design a beautiful home with lots of storage space even in the small sized apartments.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

5 Principles the Best Residential Architects in Delhi Follow

Every architect has a unique design personality and thought process. They enliven each space differently by adding distinctive creative elements apiece. However, there are a few common ideologies that can be observed in all creative architectural concepts.

Below is a list of five such ideologies or principles that successful residential architects in Delhi follow for crafting your home to artistic excellence.


There’s a common idea behind all spectacular creations by residential architects in Delhi – they bring simplicity to their design concepts. Simple shapes look stunning unornamented and fewer materials in various tones help achieve diversity sans complexity. Further, exposed connections between materials inspire expressive statements.

Repeat, reiterate, restate

Repeat – to bring the idea home. Repetition in architecture is for the confluence of all thematic elements and for unification of the design. Repeating proportions and materials provide the referencing background in the layout, which is used for highlighting the significant constituents.

Take risk

Doing something out of ordinary is a challenge – and if it works well, the resultant is a memorable piece of art. Looking at a problem with a different vision can reveal interesting solutions – an unusually high door, a dazzlingly-lit narrow passage or an elevated seating area in the backyard are just some examples.

Work on the minutiae

The finer details essentially bring out the perfection in a design. Hone the smaller niceties, the bigger things will fall into place themselves. The structure is unified when each component is refined with smaller designs, multiple attributions, and intense outlines.

Tell a story

We remember places and homes by our memories linked to the stories we shared with them. This is why a beautiful home tells a good story – of the people residing in it, of a thought flow, of an idea it houses. This story is what every visitor takes away with him from the home. Your narrative is depicted in the patterns and shapes, colors and combinations, and the outline & fabrication.

So these were the five principles followed by creative residential architects in Delhi for shaping their innovative ideas into structural home designs. If you too are fond of a novel, exclusive, and exceptional home, make sure your architect follows these ideologies!

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