Saturday, 29 August 2015

How to Find and Engage a Competent Architect in Delhi

As soon as one thinks of building a house or a commercial unit, or even wishes to redesign and refurbish an existing one, the first thing which comes to mind is about searching a good architect. Although there are hundreds of architects and designers in every area of the national capital, but searching for a competent architect in Delhi, often turns out to be a taxing exercise.
In fact you need to find and engage an architect who designs as per your needs, tastes and perception, that too within your budget. While searching and finalizing a competent architect in Delhi, you should keep the following simple tips and points in your mind:
Enquire from friends
The first and the most prevalent mode are to enquire from friends, relatives and acquaintances. Another practical way is to ask the owners of properties you like, about the architect who designed them. Most of the under construction properties have a signage displayed outside depicting the name and contact details of architect and contractors. You can also ask your known persons and others for their feedback about the work, how much have they paid, besides clearing your other queries too.
Search on the Internet
In today's virtual world, most of the good architects have their own websites and/or are listed in various directories. You can search online for an architect of your choice through their websites, articles and blogs, where besides finding contact details, you can also have a look at the buildings they have designed. Moreover, the online medium also contains reviews and feedbacks from people who have taken services of these architects, which will guide you a lot in short listing them.
Contacting and Meeting
After you have shortlisted a few architects who seem to suit your requirements, you should contact and meet them personally. At this stage you should visit some properties they have designed, to get an idea about their style, concepts and designs. You should visit the delivered properties as well as those which are being constructed, as you will get an opportunity to interact with people who have availed the services of a specific architect. Once you have met all the shortlisted architects, you will be able to narrow down your list to the best few among them.
Charges and Deliverables
Now it is time for negotiating on the charges to be paid as well as the services the architect would provide in return. Charges can be negotiated to the best suited to both, but the terms of deliverable services should be very clear. Besides providing the basic design along with minute detailing of every aspect, architects also visit the site in the course of its construction till delivery. Hence you should decide on the number of visits per month the architect will make, as well as the aspects of construction he would oversee, supervise and monitor.
On following the above suggestions, you would surely be able to find a genuine and competent Architect in Delhi who would give shape to the property of your dreams. As you finalize an architect of your choice, you should get at least 3-4 options designed, before approving one for construction.
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