Friday, 28 August 2015

Latest Trends in Residential Architect Designing In Delhi NCR

With introduction and implementation of new technologies in the construction industry, as well as based on the specific needs of the client, Residential architect designing in Delhi NCR changes very often, resulting in a different look and feel of upcoming houses. Moreover, the shrinking spaces in the national capital, compounded by exorbitant land costs, compels the architects to go in for a different design perspective to make the house look extremely beautiful, irrespective of the small plot size.

Sometimes the trend in designing of residential projects also changes due to the need for a different visual impact it imparts at a particular location. The following points should be kept in mind while implementing latest trends in Residential architect designing in Delhi NCR :

Optimum Utilization of Space

As land is scarce and too costly in Delhi NCR, one should ensure optimum utilization of each and every inch of land while constructing a house. All nooks and corners of the plot should be put to maximum use, while at the same time also ensuring that the Government norms and laws of construction are diligently followed.

Unique Design Concept

The design of the house should be unique and new, which stands out from the rest of the buildings in the area. Privacy of the house should be ensured, especially of the first floor rooms, and of those plots which are open from two or three sides

Ample Parking Space

With the increasing number of cars in every home in Delhi NCR, the architect should provide ample space for parking in the new houses. Besides own cars and those of tenants, the visitors should also be able to safely park their cars within the boundary of the house.

Vaastu Compliant Design

Needless to stress upon the importance of ancient Indian science of Vaastu, which on compliance ensures a harmonious atmosphere besides many other benefits for the incumbents of the house. Vaastu should also be implemented in plantation of various varieties of trees, plants and shrubs. The colour of the interiors and exteriors of the house should also be vaastu compliant.

Robust Structure

The structure of the house should be robustly designed as per the laid down calculations and rules, capable of withstanding earthquakes of high intensity, as Delhi NCR falls in high seismic zone, and has lately experienced many earthquakes. Moreover a solid foundation leaves scope for further expansion and construction in future. 

Proper Ventilation and Sunlight

One of the most important aspects of a house is regular availability of fresh air and natural light. Care should be taken for direction and design of windows, which ensures proper ventilation, resulting in good health of the inhabitants.

Safety Concerns of all

The design of the house should be in accordance of providing safety of the residents. Measures should be taken for installing various safety and monitoring devices at strategic locations, for maintaining all round security of the property as well as the incumbents.

By following the above seven measures, you can definitely build the house of your dreams with latest trends of Architect Designing In Delhi NCR , while at the same time enjoying the latest amenities and facilities for a comfortable and stylish living.

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