Monday, 28 September 2015

Hire an Interior Designer Gurgaon for the Winter Touch

Prepare yourself for the upcoming winter months by hiring the best interior designer Gurgaon for complete makeover of your home.

The same look of the home turns out boring after sometime, just like the changing times. People go in for appealing modern-designs enthusiastically, but with passing of certain period of time the attraction fades away. If you are bored with the summer interiors of our home; then it is time to think about restyling or say hire an interior designer Gurgaon for the perfect winter look.

Think different helps in winter interiors

The interiors which look cool in summer do not necessarily go well with winter. A professional interior designer in Gurgaon is well aware about the fact that summer colours are not at all a fit for the winter season. In winter, go with rich mulberry tones, deep blues, greens and purples exuding warmness as well as glamour. Using rich and pleasant colours like golden, beige and burgundy shades for mattress sheets, cushioning, curtains, and covers will do a great job in enriching a warm environment. Placement of the home accessories especially metallic ones matters a lot too when it comes to reflection of cold wind and absorption of heat waves.

Cover the home
The wallpapers and wall covers of the above-mentioned colours would not just look trendy, but also provide insulation to the home. Insulation of roof and windows will create a soothing atmosphere for living. Alongside, window treatments are a great option for thoroughly insulating the home. Covering sofas with fur covers would be like basking in front of fireplace- so warm! You should change your coordinates to meet the winter requirements.

Following the fall of winter calls out for tungsten lights which warm the room while imparting a summer time look. Look for the winter lightings in stores for restyling your home perfectly.

If you can do all these things- then it’s great. However, most of the people can’t indulge into this due to lack of time and knowledge. The best advice for such people is nothing less than hiring top interior designer in Gurgaon before the temperatures drop. 

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