Wednesday, 10 December 2014

6 Unusual Residential Interior Design Ideas For Your Living Room

Residential Interior Design
No proud homeowner can afford to ignore his or her living room. It is the place where we welcome our guests and relax with our friends. It creates the first impression that a visitor forms of your house and by extension, yourself. So how do you create a memorable room, an impact for anyone who enters your home? 

Use wallpaper in unexpected places:-
Wallpaper may be designed for walls, but no one is stopping you from breaking that rule! In fact, the golden rule of residential interior design is that you should try and break the rules. By doing the unexpected you automatically guarantee an impact. So use your wallpaper where no one is quite expecting it, like the ceiling, an alcove or just the hallway!

Look for unusual sources:-
Forget about chain store brought furniture. You may get your comfy sofas from a good store, but explore options for other furniture for your living room. For instance, auction stores are a great p[lace to source antique chests and tables. You can also find some interesting accessories. Source old furniture from family and friends.

Furniture can be interesting:-
Why not give an interesting twist to existing furniture? Look for unusual lampshades. Or use terracotta tiles on your coffee table! In fact, traditional Indian furniture has an astounding variety and you should add a local touch to your residential interior design, like woven muddas or earthenware pots.

Colour it bright:-
The current trend is to colour your walls bright. Why not go for unusual shades like turquoise, mauve or even a bright scarlet? Just keep in mind that your furnishings, particularly the curtains, should not clash with the colour. If walls are too bold for you, go for bright coloured sofas. At any event, a pop of bright colour to the room brings it alive.

Put your stamp:-
This is the golden rule of Residential Interior Design that you must never break: always put a stamp of your own personality on your room. Add books if you love to read, frame an interesting knitted pattern, put up your collection of shells, beads or whatever it is that you fancy. It is these little touches that give a room personality, that tells a visitor that you live there and that you are proud of it!

Have fun:-

Remember, designing your home is not chore. It’s fun! Have a blast when you are dressing up your home. Add accessories that mean something to you - a part of your history, souvenirs you have collected, a lovely gift or just something that brings a smile to your face. Do not be scared to take some risks. You can always change the look!


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