Monday, 27 April 2015

3 Best Office Interior Design Tips

Office Interior Design is a major contributor to the success and ambience of your organization. Read on to find how you can uplift and enrich it.

Office is a place where the working population spends over 70% of their waking hours; hence it is imperative that the office is not just well-designed but inspiring. The design of your office is crucial for the success of your organization because it is a reflection of the business it houses.
Following is a list of the 3 Best Office Interior Design Tips, which are incredibly important in defining the productivity, energy, and efficiency of your organisation.

Let there be light

Natural light is a very overlooked but critical aspect of your workplace design. Exposure to more natural light enhances the mood and productivity of the employees & reduces eye fatigue and headaches; while a dull or enclosed workspace can leave the staff feeling claustrophobic, gloomy, and depressed.

When designing the space, ensure that you allow in more light in your office interior design by using more glass walls and permitting sunlight through open windows.

Furniture is important

A lot of times companies try to save investment by purchasing furniture that’s cheap. They, however, ignore the fact that inexpensive furniture can cost them a lot in the long run. In a short span of time the ill-effects of cheap furniture become clearly visible.

An ergonomically designed workplace reduces the number of sick days, back pain and general discomfort complains. It is advisable to invest in chairs which have movable height and backrest, and are very comfortable. Invest in desks that have provisions for getting rid of the cable spaghetti underfoot.

Brand your office space

The experts say that branding should be in your office environment. Your office space should reflect your brand identity and help in creating a personal connect with your employees. It enhances your company’s culture by impacting the way your employees and other people experience your organization.

In your office interior design, use colours and patterns that blend brand and function. Use lights and equipments that reflect your ideology. For example, if your company is young, dynamic and modern, ensure that your workspace speaks that.

These 3 expert tips can help change the environment of your workplace, positively impact its work culture and reflect the idea your business houses.



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