Friday, 13 March 2015

Factors to Keep in Mind When Hiring Residential Architects in Delhi

There is no doubt that a house designed by an architect has many benefits. It will have a well thought out plan that has been customised to fit the client’s needs, while retaining a design edge that will set it apart. Yet, most home owners are not willing to or do not know how to hire an architect.

However, given the many benefits that residential architects in Delhi offer, it is worthwhile to learn more about them. We offer some of the factors that you must keep in mind when hiring residential architects:

Decide what you want: Many people think that architects simply design a plan, hand it over to the owner or the builder and their work is done. Yes, that could be the role you want, but you should know that most architects offer much more comprehensive services. Most architects are perfectly capable of seeing through the project, from its design stage to its final construction. However, you need to clarify the scope of their services before you hire them, since their rates may also vary accordingly.

Associates: Building a house is not just a matter of building the four walls. Most people who hire an architect want a home that is unique in every aspect. So you may want to hire an interior decorator as well. Luckily many Architects in Delhi NCR have access to interior decorator in Gurgaon. Many architectural firms employ professional designers and decorators. The aim is to provide comprehensive service.
For you as a home owner it means an easy access to services that you will otherwise have to look for. There is another advantage of such alliance. Many firms may offer special packages where you can get access to both professionals at reasonable rates.

Communication: How comfortable do you feel with your architect? Is he or she receptive to your ideas and concerns? This is important they architect must not only work with you, they will also have to work with other professionals like builders.

Specialisation: Residential architecture is a specialised field and in actuality there are not many architects who specialise in this field. Before you hire one, make sure that your architect in Delhi NCR has specialisation and experience in this field. You can ask them for their details or their portfolio.

Other contractors: Some architects will design and then help in executing their plans. However, building a house is an association of many professionals, from electrician to builders. While you may have your own team of builders, you can also ask your residential architects in Delhi for their suggestions. Most architects will have access to competent professionals they have worked with before, making your job easier.



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