Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Why You Need Architects for Hotels

Building a hotel is immense exercise that brings together visionaries with cutting edge designers. To be successful today a hotel needs more than just well built walls and furnishings, it also needs something special that only an architect can bring.

There may be some debate over hiring architects for a home, but when it comes to designing a hotel, the services of an architect are indispensable. There are many benefits of hiring architects for hotels. We tell you the most essential reasons:

Innovative designs: What makes a hotel stand out? What is common in most of the iconic hotels around the world? Apart from exemplary services, the common element that all these hotels share is their innovative designs. Even hotels a century old are still celebrated today because of their unique architecture. Architects for Hotels have over the years acquired fame on their own with the hotel of their design still associated with them. Today when almost every city has more than a few hotel, an innovative design will help your hotel stand out and be remembered for years to come.

Optimum layout: There are some factors that are common to all hotels. They must have a reception lobby, restaurants, spacious rooms and certain facilities. But what makes them stand out in a well designed hotel is the layout. A hotel layout must primarily take into account guest comfort. But there are many other factors to be considered. How to optimise the flow of light and air to each room? How to design a layout for easy movement of guests to public areas like restaurants? How to ensure privacy of each guests? How to include sufficient wide open spaces? Where to plan and place green areas, common facilities like swimming pool and so on. 

There are specific details that are essential for a good hotel design. These are issues that many hotel owners are completely unaware of. Some of these may relate to safety, while others may have become design norms. For instance, as experienced professionals no architects for hotels will create a design that does not include emergency exits. They will know about latest design trends and the best way to incorporate it in your own design.

Legal requirement: Certain aspects of the work by architects for hotels is often legally essential. You will need their detailed plan and blueprints for various permits. These plans are essential in establishing your adherence to established security codes, rules and regulations.

Economic: Finally, despite their fee, hiring architects for hotels will turn out to be much more economic in the long run. An experienced architect will make sure that your building plans are according to every established code, saving your from paying expensive penalties later on. A good plan will also ensure guest comfort, more access to billed services like shopping arcades. All these will eventually raise your revenue!

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